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finding your style values

The Style Key is my system to help you create your unique personal style. Within the system, I have four Style Keys or quadrants. But within each quadrant, I also have five style archetypes.

The style archetypes represent their own "flavor" of the quadrant. They share the overall essence and style logic of the quadrant, but they have their own unique perspective.


For example, all the Moonstone (Right+Down) Archetypes relate to using style as a tool to help you feel good in your situations. The Illuminatrix archetype is about following your inner joy: if you focus on what lights you up, and give yourself permission to have fun, style is rewarding. The Gentle Grace archetype is about working with your desire to get things "exactly right." This archetype reminds you that it's okay to focus on the small details that might not matter to anyone else, that this is what makes style rewarding for you.

For each style key, we have a 42 page guide on the archetypes. For each of the five Archetypes you will see: quadrant placement, a definition, an evocative description, two effective strategies for this archetype, two helpful reflection questions to ask yourself on your style journey, and several encouragements to help you focus on a positive mindset.

This guide is super helpful for:

  • Understanding the unique flavor of each archetype

  • Understanding which of the archetype works best for you

  • How this archetype can support and guide you on your style journey

  • Better understanding your unique style needs

  • Finding the type of encouragements that work specifically for you

Price is 4.50 USD and a 25% VAT is added for EU customers.

You can buy the bundle of all the archetype guides for 14.50 (plus VAT in EU).


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More resources

To view all the Style Key learning resources, visit my Resources page!

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