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Style Talks with Rita

60 Minute Style Consultations

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Reflections from women I've helped

I booked my Style Talk with Rita because I love her energy and I find her content inspiring and motivating for someone like me, who loves fashion but feels a bit lost when it comes to honouring myself and my body with the clothes that I wear. 

I think I immediately connected with her, and she let me talk freely about my doubts and feelings. She was very thoughtful and respectful of my vulnerabilities, but honest and straightforward with her analysis, which I appreciated a lot. 

I found very useful and eye-opening the tips and tricks she showed me about what works best for me, but I especially loved how she helped me see myself differently, and I think it'll change the way I express myself. I feel more comfortable taking space now, and making an impression does not scare me anymore! There are people who have the ability to see right through you and bring out the best in you; I feel Rita is one of them. I'm sure her advice will shine as a guiding light for me for a long time.

Marina, 27, Italy

Questions and Answers

What to expect from your Personal Style Consultation

What is a Style Talk?

A style talk is a one-on-one conversation with me about your style. The goal is to give you a new direction and perspective on your style.

I provide concrete feedback on your outfits: the colors, shapes, lines, and essence. We can discuss accessories, hair and make-up.

Most importantly, we talk about who you are and where you are wanting to go in life. I help you see your style journey as a part of your life journey.

I tell you my impressions of your essence and we talk about the emotional theme behind your style decisions.

No two style talks are the same. I am a highly intuitive person and very receptive to your needs and wants.

We tailor the talk so that you get the most out of it. If you want specifics, we talk specifics. If you want to discuss larger abstract themes in your life and style, we talk about that.

Who is this for?

This style talk is for you if you...​

  • Want to express yourself more clearly to the world

  • Are tired of buying new things without feeling satisfied about your outfits and style

  • Feel like it's a struggle to find clothes that fit your body and express your personality

  • Have tried to find your Image ID or to find clothes that suit you, but feel like you're just not "clicking" with the information

  • Appreciate my perspective on style and want my advice

How does it work?

You go to the booking website and see the available times and dates for your personal style consultation.

You choose the time slot you want to book, and make the payment. The style talks currently cost 100 USD.

You receive a booking confirmation email, with a link to a Google Form. The confirmation email has the Zoom link for our meeting.

In this form, you will tell me a bit about yourself, provide some pictures of your figure and your outfits, and link me to any moodboards you have.

You will receive a reminder of our appointment 24 hours before.

I will record the meeting (with your consent!) and you will receive the recording after our talk.

Will you "type me"?

The purpose of these talks is to discuss your style and personal self-expression.

I am so excited to provide you feedback using my four-quadrant essence system. I will definitely tell you what energy you give off, and suggest ways to communicate this energy. We will talk about how your energy is or is not reflected in your current style.

With regard to Kibbe IDs: I consider myself to be very knowledgeable in the Kibbe system (and I think it's super useful!).

I definitely can give you feedback on what Image ID you fit into. However, I cannot guarantee that I will tell you which one Image ID you belong to -- simply because this isn't always possible for me to do conclusively, and I would not want to send you in the wrong direction. It's possible that I will give you two suggestions to explore.

What if I have more questions?

You can DM me on instagram @stylethoughtsbyrita. Or, you can email me at

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