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Dive Deeper

Essence Courses

In these courses I teach you how to use the style logic of your essence quadrant. Each course gives you emotional guidance in valuing and embracing the unique gifts of your essence, as well as practical, step-by-step instructions for creating and improving outfits based on your essence.

Participants have said that these courses completely changed the way they approach fashion, and have clarified their confusion about essence and about personal style.


Each course is one and a half hours of audio material, broken up into  chapters. The audio format allows you to easily return to the material over and over again.

The cost for each course is 55 USD, see below for a short description and a table of contents!

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Right + down

Right+Down essence is an invitation into a playful, creative and gentle relationship with style. In this course I teach you to use clothes to help you feel your best in your daily situations.

We talk about how to actually take ideas and  cues from your situations, from trends, the outside world - and to curate a flexible wardrobe so you can create outfits that feel exactly right for you every day.

List of Course Chapters: Welcome to the mini course! · Owning your Power · Your Energetic Medicine  · Your relationship to Style Systems · Your Style Logic · Shifting Focus from Fit to Story · Create an Outfit in 4 steps · Reviewing Outfits in 3 Steps · Balancing Discipline and Freedom · Feeling good, looking good · Right+Down Keywords · Right+Down Archetypes · Concluding Remarks

left + down

Left+Down Styling is all about centering yourself: your tastes, your physical and emotional needs and your enjoyment of style. In this course I teach you to use clothes to express aspects of yourself in a way that feels good to you.

We talk about how to let go of the burden of style "rules" and external expectations and how to create outfits that feel and look beautiful by following your own desires.

List of Course Chapters: · Welcome to the course · The Unique Beauty of Left+Down · Your relationship to Style Systems · Your Energetic Medicine · How to create outfits · Vulnerability and Boundaries · Sensual Dressing - your key to Success · ”I don’t know WHAT to express!” · ”I don’t know HOW to express!” · Looking good, feeling good · Left+Down Keywords · Left+Down Archetypes · Closing Remarks

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left + up

Left+Up Styling is about the courage to style yourself in a self-expressive and extravagant way. In this course I teach you to create outfits that express your authentic self and that help you to be seen in the world. No more hiding in your "normal person" costume!


We talk about how to decide what you want your clothes to express, and how to use style techniques to create compelling outfits that help you be seen.

List of Course Chapters· Welcome to the mini-course · You are a Goddess · Your Energetic Medicine · You and Style Systems · Your style logic · How to create an outfit · How to elevate an outfit · L+U is here to serve you · Left+Up Keywords ·  Left+Up Archetypes · Common Concerns · Courage and Celebration

right + up

Right+Up Styling is about a style that supports your mission in this world, it's about taking space and having the courage to be maximally seen by the world. No more hiding or playing small!


We talk about how to embrace your visual power, to create cohesive and powerful outfits that help you make the impact you want in your specific life situations.


List of Course Chapters· Welcome to the Mini-Course · Expanding your vision · Your Energetic Medicine · The courage to claim Right+Up · Dressing for Situation and Impact · Consistency in your style · Right+Up Keywords · Right+Up Archetypes · Putting together outfits · Outfit cohesion · Finishing touches and intentionality · Trendy and Sexy as a Right+Up · Style is here to serve YOU

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