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Image by Jeremy Bishop


6 weeks for style growth, exploration, play

Expand is for you if you want to develop a personal style -

but are currently feeling a bit stuck and boxed in.


You know that style is important to you. You like the idea of expressing your authentic self through a beautiful and unique style.


But... you're not sure where to get new ideas. Or you might be good at finding ideas but you're not sure how to translate them into actual clothes. Or you feel stuck because you've create too many "rules" for yourself to follow.


Experimentation feels difficult when you're restricted like that.

This course will help you get un-stuck. Personal Style isn't something that just happens, or something you're born with. It's a skill that can be developed, and this course teaches you many important style skills.

This is a six week course (but you can take much longer with it!). Each week, there is a source of style inspiration and a challenge related to it, a style technique, a play activity, and a thoughtful reflection question.

You will learn how to take inspiration from your internal world (your body's needs, your memories, previous outfits, your personality) and the external world (external situations, runway fashion, artwork) - and you will practice translating this inspiration into actual clothes.

You will learn important style techniques about how to recognize your current style needs, how to experiment without overwhelming yourself, how to make outfits more interesting and more cohesive, and more.

If you're ready to step beyond your current boundaries and to make exciting style discoveries, this course is a wonderful tool.

I joined Expand because I was trying to figure out which of the style quadrants is home to me. I love Rita’s approach to styling. I’ve put in a lot of work figuring out what lines and colors suit me, but I have been stuck at the part where I am trying to figure out what to express with my clothes. I feel like so much style content is just about looking good. I want more than that.


Rita’s ideas in this course were playful and impactful at the same time. My sense of what is possible in style, both the expression and the process of deciding that expression, is so much bigger now. I am excited for the changes that I feel taking place inside me. There were very specific actionable tips for an immediate impact, but I feel most changed by the deeper work that I think will unfold over the coming months. 


Image by Sergey Pesterev

Course Information

We use my Four Essence System to guide our explorations. Each of the four Essence Quadrants can offer valuable insights, whatever your essence is.

How it works:

The course material is available for instant download from this page. Click the button below, purchase the course (114$), and you will receive all course materials for each of the 6 weeks. You receive the materials at once.

Each week includes a video and a workbook. Each workbook is about 25 pages and contains a thorough explanation of that week's activities. Each video is about 15 minutes and summarizes the activities as well.


You will also have access to a private forum (not Facebook) for course participants.


What is included with each week:

  1. a new SOURCE for inspiration and a CHALLENGE to expand your style through that source

  2. a new TECHNIQUE for styling yourself

  3. a reflection QUESTION to spark insight

  4. PLAY activities based on creating collages, dream outfits, or playing dress-up with the things you own

Description of each week:

Week 1: Before we start, we will get some reflections on where we are and what we want with style.

Week 2: Left+Down Logic. Self-centered styling, style as pleasure and resource. Inspiration and Challenge: drawing from our style story. Play: creating a color palette from nature. Technique: using your needs as inspiration. Reflection: styling as self-expression.

Week 3: Right+Up Logic. Unapologetic styling, style as statement and contribution. Inspiration and Challenge: drawing from our environments and situations. Play: "over-dressing." Technique: creating coherent looks. Reflection: styling as a service.

Week 4: Right+Down Logic. Explorative styling, style as adventure and discovery. Inspiration and Challenge: drawing from art. Play: intuitive styling (one piece, 3 ways). Technique: becoming more expressing without overwhelm. Reflection: discovering our limits.

Week 5: Left+Up Logic. Courageous styling, style as expression and stimulation. Inspiration and Challenge: drawing from runway fashion. Play: Courageous styling. Technique: body yes and no. Reflection: celebrating your progress. 

Week 6: Reflection. A week to integrate the explorations of the course, to make them your own, so you can move forward with your power.

Excited to Expand?


Will you be offering this course "live" again?


Yes, sometime in Spring 2023. If you don't want to wait until then, I encourage you to purchase this version! You can go at your own pace and you are able to access the course forum for the community feeling.


How much time does the course require?

Ideally about an hour a week. You could definitely spend several hours a week doing the activities, or you could fit it into a shorter time. It's up to you. Each week you get several activities and you choose which ones to do.

Do I need to do the course activities in any particular order?

I recommend that you start with Week 1 and progress from there, but you don't need to follow the weeks in any particular order. You could go through and just do all the activities that appeal to you. The course was designed in the order it is presented, but you would learn a lot if you do it your own way.

Do I need to know which essence I have?

No! The course can help you discover your essence though, you might find that some week's activities simply feel easier for you. However, the essence approach is simply a fun framing device for the course, there is no emphasis on your actual essence.

Will this course be helpful if I already know my essence?

Yes! We can learn so much by approaching style in a different way. However, if you are in a place where you are happy with your style and exploring a specific style logic or set of keywords, this course won't be so helpful. The purpose of the course is to give you many new ideas and style experiences, and it might be disorienting if you're trying to hone in on a particular style right now.

How much does it cost and where do I buy?


The course price is 114$ and you  can click any "purchase the course" button on this page to complete the transaction and receive the materials.

Course Reviews

This was really a beautiful experience- it has transformed the way I engage with my clothes and kind of with myself by extension… and has given me some real tools to continue growing. It was so worth the investment in myself- after all, is there any more fundamental way to care for yourself than to consider the clothes you put on your body every single day? Rita is such a thoughtful guide through the process and has created something truly special with this course.


I’m a student and I have always been interested with style. I joined Expand because I wanted to try new things and to invest in this passion of mine. I really loved the format, the fact that each week, we were trying a different quadrant and thinking differently about the way we dress.


I feel like Rita was a amazing mastermind creating this whole program in advance because each new series of exercises were always complementary with the activities from the week before, giving us a wide range of different exercises and thoughtful questions. I loved the introspective questions, that really made me dig deep and discover important realizations about myself and my relationship with the way I dress.


I forced myself to post on the platform, which at first was a bit stressful but I’m really happy I did it because the community made the whole experience amazing. Reading about other people experiences, connecting with women that shared a common passion and seeing everyone transform in their own unique way during Expand was amazing.


I learned so much about myself, the boxes I was keeping me in and that were stopping me from really expressing myself through my clothes. It helped me connect with the progress I have already done but it also helped me come up with clear guidances towards where I want to go and how to get there. It helped me realize that the essence I thought I was was actually not right for me. At the end of the experience, having tried the four different essences, I could easily find which one was more aligned with my natural way of expressing myself.  


Before Expand, dressing was hard, I was unsatisfied with my closet and my aesthetic. Now, the way I dress is aligned with the person that I am, the process is fun and inspiring. I recommend it for everyone who wants to understand themselves more, connect with different ways of dressing yourself and go out of their comfort zone, in the best way.


Style Thoughts By Rita’s Expand experience was, well, the most expansive style experience I’ve engaged in to date. After the questions of “What does my body look like?” and “What colors are naturally best on me” have an answer, with which Rita can definitely help, there is that yearning to understand, “What do people see when they look at me and how can I influence that?” Rita understands at a deep level that this is not just a question of what an outfit looks like, but that it is rather connected to our rhythms of discovery, play, learning, and self-care.


In Expand, we played, explored technique, faced challenges, and reflected with the support of a cohort of like-minded friends. One of the most moving aspects of the program was the focus on understanding how each of the “types” available in the system can get hold of inspiration, process that, and translate it into a wearable moment that feels really satisfying. Highly recommend!


If you have questions, you can always write to me at or find me on Instagram @stylethoughtsbyrita!

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