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Keyword Guides

These are 35-page guides which give you a simple and useful breakdown of the keywords in the Style Key. The Right Keywords guide includes information about Refined, Dreamy, Radiant, and Luminous essence. The Left Keywords guide includes information about Sensual, Intriguing, Elemental, and Enveloping. Both guides define the "Up and the "Down" keywords.

For each keyword, we give the definition and help you understand what the word really means in terms of style and essence. We give you styling suggestions and have a page with many styling examples.

At the end of the guide, we show 12 outfits and explain the keywords they represent and why.

This guide can help you see which Style Key essence you relate to, to choose the keywords you use, and to get ideas for dressing for your essence.


More resources

To view all the Style Key learning resources, visit my Resources page!

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