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You want to be comfortable in your clothes and to look beautiful. You also want your style to be authentic, not a costume or someone else's idea of what you should look like.


You know there's a difference between just putting some pieces of clothes together and putting on something that feels like an outfit. And you want the latter.

This lookbook will help you with all these style goals. It's organized by category of visual interest: color, pattern, fabrics, shapes, layers, and accessories. There are hundreds of visual examples of things you can try. But it's not just a magazine with pretty pictures. It's an instructional tool that succinctly and clearly analyzes dozens of outfits. We tell you "here are the three things that make this outfit good" or "don't do this, it will make your outfit feel boring or wrong."

The lookbook will be helpful if you're feeling bored or stuck with style and want to try something new. It will be helpful if you've been working on your style for a while but want to go further: for example, if you've been stuck with how to use jewelry or accessories to complete your look. It will also be helpful if you're feeling overwhelmed by ALL the style options in the world and want some help with specific ideas to try.


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