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Moonstone Resources

Your clothes help you feel supported in your daily life and to feel good about yourself. You have a radiant and refined essence and an intuitive, personable approach to your style.


You may struggle with feeling too approachable, not feeling edgy enough – or with the weight of expectations, the pressure to impress people.

At its best, style for you is about telling a story: all the pieces of your outfit speaking to each other. Your style explorations are about feeling a sense of play and allowing yourself to try new things without too much pressure.


Your beauty blooms when you focus on your own experience with an outfit rather than focusing on what other people think.

Visual Inspiration

Check out the Style Key pinterest page for visual inspiration. We have 20+ Moonstone celebrities as well as examples of different aesthetics for the different keys.


Free E-mail Course

If you want to learn the basics of the Style Key, and get links to more resources, you can join my e-mail course!


Audio Course (new!)

Get a full overview of the tools for your Style Key. Understand the essence and philosophy of the Key, learn techniques and connect with the archetypes. Get the audio course or listen free to the first track be


Youtube Playlist

I have so much long-form content available on my Youtube channel! I've made a playlist with videos you can use to get started.

Track 1: Right+Down Essence

personal help

If you want individual help finding and using your Style Key, check out my services! I offer individual style consultations for new and returning clients.

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