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Gifting myself Luxury

My family was pretty poor when I was growing up. As a teenager, the only options for my clothes were the clearance racks in clothing discount stores like TJ Maxx or Marshall's. I loved clothes, so I would search until I found some cute things, and I'd also shop swap meets and thrift stores... but the idea of buying clothes at *regular prices* just seemed like a crazy fantasy. I remember desperately wanting a pair of pastel suede Converse sneakers, but at 45$, they were impossibly out of reach.

My parents have so much more money now, but my mom is still obsessed with the idea of getting a bargain. She'd rather buy 10 shirts that cost 15$ each (none of which she really loves btw). That's her choice! but I don't want to have that approach to shopping. I love beautiful things and I want to truly *love* my clothes.

Additionally, I also have the Right+Up essence, whose energetic medicine is Luxury. This doesn't mean R+U is about being head-to-toe in cashmere and Chanel. It's about the attitude, giving yourself beautiful and fancy things because you want them. Giving yourself that permission to wear that something extra, to see yourself as a person who deserves what your heart craves. That is medicine for the R+U soul.

For me, luxury is buying sparkly and gorgeous summer sandals even though I can only wear them 4 months out of the year. Luxury is bringing several outfit changes for a weekend getaway, even though I could have brought two outfits in a backpack. It's getting my nails done with gorgeous nail art, even though it's expensive.

This weekend I treated myself to an extra luxurious item - custom-made suit of trousers and a waistcoat in a delicious cotton-candy pink. The set was 300$. It's custom-made to my measurements, beautiful craftsmanship, and it's a style I know I love wearing.

I've tailored a lot of my items, but I've never bought anything custom-made for me. I'm so excited! Megan also does customizations and I've asked for my waistcoat to be longer / to hit below my natural waist.

It's been a huge journey for me. To give myself the permission to gift myself beautiful clothes. To stop wasting money on things that are "just okay" so I have enough for the things that truly light up my heart. I can't wait to receive this beautiful suit, and to wear it all winter in sunny San Diego!

Have you also had this experience, of being able to treat yourself to something that would have been unimaginable for you before? What a feeling :)

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