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How to Use the Essences: The 4 Logics of Dressing

Updated: May 9, 2022

In a recent video, I talked about how my essence system translates beyond just aesthetics and styles but to an underlying logic of dressing that relates to the whole essence concept. You can watch the video at this link, or you can just read this post!

Firstly, I want to say that we are all very different people and of course there is no “one” way of dressing for any person. All the considerations I’m going to talk about are going to apply to all people. It’s just like the system itself – I don’t mean that all “right” women have no sensuality, don’t care about their bodies, etc – I just think they don’t need to prioritize that as the main factor.

Similarly, with the logic of dressing – all these factors matter to everyone, but I find that women with right/left or up/down essence have an easier experience creating outfits when they follow the logic of their quadrant.

By the “logic of dressing”, I mean How you approach the process of creating a look. It’s how you think about choosing the clothes you wear, and how you evaluate your clothes to see if you’re successful.

I see the left/right distinction in the system as relevant to the question of How you choose your clothes. For Left essence, I recommend starting first with how you feel / what you want to express. For Right essence, I recommend starting first with your situation / the environment. For example, if both people are going to a birthday party: the Left person would have an easier time choosing clothes thinking about how they are feeling, what their mood is, what they find interesting visually, what they want to show, etc. The Right person would have an easier time choosing clothes by thinking about where the party will be, who they are celebrating, who the other guests will be, what the situation is going to be like, or about something they've seen that inspired them.

I do not mean to say that the Left person should dress in an inappropriate or disrespectful way. I do not mean to say that the Right person should dress in an overly conforming fashion and try to be like everyone else. In fact, they could land on somewhat similar outfits, just coming at it from a different perspective.

In my system, I see the left as being intriguing/enveloping /sensual – so it makes sense for Left people to choose clothes that welcome others into their energetic space. In contrast, the right is associated with being radiant/luminous/dreamy – so it makes sense to think about your clothes in the context of the situation where you are participating, and the context of offering your energy into the world.

After the left/right, I see the up/down distinction as relevant to the question of What is your goal with your clothes. For Down essence, I see the goal as self-satisfaction, comfort, and allowing people into your space. For the Up essence, I see the goal as making an impact, creating a reaction, and also creating some distance. For example, at this birthday party, I would recommend for the Up person to think about their impact (e.g.: express a festive vibe, come across as comfortable and relaxed, invite people to talk with you). For the Down person, I would recommend they choose an outfit that they are happy with, and not to think too much about what is “expected” of them, or how their clothes will be perceived by others.

I do not mean to say that the Up person always has to be creating a Strong Impression on others – there are many types of impact. Nor do I mean that they should NOT like their own clothes. I also do not mean that the Down person shouldn’t care at all about their Impact. I trust you understand my meaning in this.

In my system, Down is all about being personable, approachable, intuitive – and this vibe is best expressed when the clothes you choose FEEL like you. As soon as you start thinking about what’s expected, or that you need to impress people, that you need to look like X and Y to conform to other people’s ideas… you lose that magnetic quality of your personability.

Conversely, Up is all about presenting a persona, of showing effort and some extravagance – so your clothes are meant to make an impression, they are meant to make a statement. We are often taught that “if it makes you happy, wear it!” – but honestly I don’t think this advice works so well for the people with Up essence. It’s important for you to know that there is NO SHAME in wanting to make an impact, and that you are happiest with your clothes when you ALLOW yourself to think of the impact you want to create.

In the video, I also offer some specific reflections for each quadrant. Briefly:

The Left+Up is all about choosing your clothes based on how you feel, but aiming to make an impact. You can see that in the left+up archetypes of “The Trendsetter” or “The Enchantress.” You are all about bringing fresh and unexpected ideas through your clothes, but doing them in a powerful way that makes a statement. You don’t need to be Rihanna for this. Adjust it to YOUR life.

The Right+Up is all about choosing clothes based on the situations, and aiming to make an impact. I see Right+Up women as carrying a lot of influence – as in the archetypes of “The Priestess” or “The Role Model.” What impact do you want to make? What treasures within you do you want to express into your situation? Do you want to bring festivity, artistry, depth, emotion, strength, courage, power, sweetness, love? Allow yourself to own the strength of your look. Not in an Amal Clooney way. In YOUR way.

The Right+ Down is about choosing clothes based on the situation, but aiming for self-approval. I see you as just pure light energy, as in the archetypes of “The Illuminatrix” and “The Sweetheart.” I don’ mean that you must always be sweet, but that the pure energy of your being is just incredible. Your clothes are best if they allow you to bring that authentic, clear YOU into your situation. Release notions of what is needed to be “fancy” or “impressive” and have the courage to know your power. You don’t need to hide in basic clothes. You can express as much as you want to, as long as it feels comfortable and genuine to you.

The Left+Down is about choosing clothes based on how you feel, and aiming for self-approval. It is scary to say “I dress for myself only”. You may feel that’s selfish or inconsiderate. But if you want to help other people, you do it through being yourself and through giving others the courage to also be authentic. Release the notions of what is expected of you and allow yourself to sense and meet your own needs with the clothes you choose. It’s not important if you do or do not look like the people around you. What matters is that you are being true to yourself in a way that looks good to you.

That’s it for this write-up, hope it helps! Every week I work with new women and see how much power and depth this style system holds. I hope it helps you on your way.



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