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The best way to get started with the Style Key. This course contains an introduction for all keys, and then three style activities you can do with the things you already own for each key. You are guided through the course with a beautiful workbook and helpful audio lessons (plus transcript!).


In the first activity, you take an inventory of your current closet using the Style Key Key perspective. Rather than just feeling like you’re “kind of unhappy” with your closet or thinking that you “need to figure out your work outfits”, this activity helps you understand exactly what’s missing from your closet and where you should place your attention.


In the second activity, you evaluate some of your existing outfits. Rather than feeling like “something is off but I don’t know what” – the Style Key helps you understand exactly what’s working and what can be improved.


In the third activity, you practice updating and improving your outfits, one step at a time. Whether you want to bring in more glamour, more fun, more authenticity, or more safety, this exercise is here to help.


The Foundations course helps you go from the idea of the Style Key to the reality. It helps you ask yourself the right questions so you can best move forward with developing your style.


All four keys are included, so you can test and see what works for you. Also included are two beautiful PDFs with visual examples for the different style keys. The course costs just 25 USD.

Foundations Courses

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