Left+Up Styling is about the courage to style yourself in a self-expressive and extravagant way. In this course I teach you to create outfits that express your authentic self and that help you to be seen in the world. No more hiding in your "normal person" costume!


We talk about how to decide what you want your clothes to express, and how to use style techniques to create compelling outfits that help you be seen. I give you inspiration to be courageous in expressing yourself and to find excitement through style, and I also give you step-by-step guidance on how to create and elevate your outfits.

List of Course Chapters· Welcome to the mini-course · You are a Goddess · Your Energetic Medicine · You and Style Systems · Your style logic · How to create an outfit · How to elevate an outfit · L+U is here to serve you · Left+Up Keywords ·  Left+Up Archetypes · Common Concerns · Courage and Celebration

Left+Up Course