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This 43 page guide guide is the easiest way to quickly grasp the Archetypes for the Moonstone Key in the Style Key system. The archetypes are The Illuminatrix, Gentle Grace, Main Character, Sweetheart and the Explorer.


For each of the Archetypes you will see: quadrant placement, a definition, an evocative description, two effective strategies for this archetype, two helpful reflection questions to ask yourself on your style journey, typical challenges and encouragements to help you grow.


For each Archetype we also show an archetypical outfit, and we listed the most prominent (free) available resources.


This guide is super helpful for:


  • Understanding the unique flavor of each archetype
  • Understanding which of the archetype works best for you
  • How this archetype can support and guide you on your style journey
  • Better understanding your unique style needs
  • Finding the type of encouragements that work specifically for you


Let this guide take you further on your style journey!

Moonstone (Right+Down) Archetypes

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