Right+Down essence is an invitation into a fresh and playful relationship with style. In this course I teach you to use clothes to help you feel your best in your daily situations. We talk about how to actually take ideas and  cues from your situations, from trends, the outside world - and to curate a flexible wardrobe so you can create outfits that feel exactly right for you every day.


I give you inspiration to own your power and give your practical step-by-step guidance. Many right+down women construct many limits and style rules for themselves which make style difficult. In this course I teach you how to expand these limits through the process of gentle style exploration. I also teach you how to shift focus "from fit to story" - helping you find true satisfaction and meaning in your style.



List of Course Chapters

Welcome to the mini course! · Owning your Power · Your Energetic Medicine  · Your relationship to Style Systems · Your Style Logic · Shifting Focus from Fit to Story · Create an Outfit in 4 steps · Reviewing Outfits in 3 Steps · Balancing Discipline and Freedom · Feeling good, looking good · Right+Down Keywords · Right+Down Archetypes · Concluding Remarks

Right+Down Course