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outfit improvement project

If you've already put quite a lot of work into your style, and you (kind of) know what you want, but you're just not *there* yet. 

Something's off. Maybe it's the way you're using colors. Or your hair and make-up. Accessories? Or you're just not picking the right clothes for your mood or situation? 

You're ready to put in the work, but you're just not sure exactly what to do.


What you need is clear, honest, useful feedback. Consistency and clarity on your style journey. Accountability, help, and support.

That's what I'm offering.

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The Program

Intro Call


To begin, you and I have a 45 minute call where we talk about your individual style goals and what you want to work on during the program. 


We'll use your Essence, Archetype, Keywords to help you gain some clarity on your direction.  I'll give you some visual inspiration and ideas.


I'll help you move from "something's not working" to "here's what I'm going to do differently" - a vision to explore over the coming weeks.

Outfit Feedback 

After all the 1:1 calls, we start on June 13th! Members of Refine will share photos in our online Style Community.


Your role is to create outfits that suit your personal needs and desires. You'll take a simple photo of your outfits (no fancy style photography skills required) and write a short reflection (I will give you a template to follow).

You can share up to 4 outfits each week.

You'll be able to decide what to get feedback on. Maybe you want feedback on everything. Maybe you just want me to focus on the way the colors and patterns interact, or the accessories and make-up. 

My role is to provide you with direct, clear and useful feedback. For each outfit you share, I'll reflect what's working well and what can be improved.

You can take this feedback and either make changes to the specific outfit, or use it to create a different look. Maybe you get rid of some things, or buy some new pieces. Maybe you simply combine pieces in a new way or try new styling for hair and make-up. We refine and improve your style together.

The program lasts 8 weeks, but you only  share photos for 4 weeks.


You will either share photos of your outfits in the odd weeks (1,3,5,7) or the even weeks (2,4,6,8). 

The "off" weeks give you some time if you want to buy additional pieces to complete your looks. They also just give you some breathing room. You can learn from others in the group and stay motivated by seeing their progress.


In addition to giving you feedback on your outfits, I will be creating some occasional style educational content just for our group, based on the subjects and questions that come up.

It's going to be transformative, empowering and beautiful!

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8 weeks

June 13 - August 6

8-12 participants

price: $440

45 minute intro call
+ personal style guide

a private forum
for our
style community

4 feedback weeks

4 weeks for rest, reflection and shopping

during feedback weeK: share up to 4 outfits and receive detailed feedback

Plus: educational content created  exclusively
for our group

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How to Join

Want to join? Please click the following link to schedule your intro call with me! You pay for the whole program and choose a meeting time. You will receive an e-mail with a form to fill in and a link for our Zoom call.

If you want to ask me some questions about your fit in the program, please click the following link to book a (free) 20 minute call with me.


Sometimes we know we're not happy, but we  need an external, expert opinion to help us see what's "off" with an outfit, and to help us see new possibilities. 

In this program, you will have my detailed feedback to help you improve. Together we will figure out what changes to make.


To make improvements, we need to take consistent action. Even if style feels important, we may struggle to commit.


When you sign up for this program you commit to taking the time to put together your outfits, to take pictures, and to set aside time for reflection. 


It's easier to grow together. In this circle you can draw inspiration from other women's outfits, from seeing the feedback they receive and the changes they make. 

The goal is to create a community of support, encouragement, and inspiration.

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Questions Answered

Do I need to know my essence, or have had a style talk with you?

Nope! This program is equally useful whether or not you've had a style talk. I'll help you see your essence in our 1:1 call and we'll go from there.

Do I already have to have good style to join?

This program is aimed at those who've been working on their personal style for at least a year - it's best if you're not starting from scratch. But there's no need for you to have great style already - the point is to improve together!

Will I need to buy lots of new stuff?

It depends! If your closet is full, this program can be a great way to figure out what works and what should be let go. You can also explore new combinations of items you already own.

If you don't own many things, you should be open to getting some new pieces. For example, if you own only one pair of shoes or minimal jewelry, your style could be improved by expanding in these areas. It's always going to be up to you what you want to purchase - no pressure from me, only suggestions.

What type of feedback will you be giving?

This program is all about feedback based on your individual style goals.

We won't be asking: "Does this color look good?" Those questions are not really that helpful.

Instead, we will be asking: "I want this outfit to look vibrant and confident, does this color work for that?" or "I want this outfit to feel more gentle and supportive, what colors can I try?" or "I want to add more play to this outfit, what color accessories would work?"

The process of asking for and receiving feedback in this format is going to be so helpful and so powerful in your style journey. 

Will we be giving feedback to each other?

It's always up to each poster if they are open to feedback from others in the group or if they just want feedback from me.

I have other questions!

Book a Q&A call with me to get more information!

Or, join Refine and schedule your 1:1 introduction call!

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