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My guidance for your Style Journey


Gentle Guidance

For new clients: 30-minute personal style consultation over Zoom.


Perhaps you already know where you fit into the system, but you want some confirmation. Perhaps you've watched my videos but still have no idea. In this call I will give you certainty about where you fit in.


During the session,you receive: your Essence in the 4 essence system, relevant keywords and relevant archetypes. I explain how the essence, keywords and archetypes can help you in your specific style journey.


After the session, you will receive  a recording and free access to the Foundations course for your essence quadrant

80 USD

(25% tax may be included)

style work with Rita

For returning clients: One hour style consultation via Zoom. Detailed, specific feedback and suggestions on your style journey.

Review your outfits - show me pictures of what you've been putting together and get detailed feedback. This isn't about critique but about figuring out what works for YOU and how you can improve.

Create new outfits - we browse pinterest or online stores together and find visual inspiration of specific new items that can work for you.

Discuss your explorations -it's so helpful to talk through your reflections on your essence and your keyword and archetype explorations.

Available to anyone who has previously done a Gentle Guidance or a Style Talk.

110 USD (25% tax included)

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