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Welcome! I'm here to help you use style as a tool for personal growth.


What I Do


I teach you how to use my style system (The Style Key) and talk about style from both a technical and an emotional perspective.  I share content on my youtube channel, and my Instagram page. You can also learn from the Style Key Pinterest, and our reddit community.


I create materials to help you develop your authentic personal style. I warmly recommend the foundations course which is the absolute best place to start with the system. I've also created visual guides for each style key. You can also download my free archetype guide to learn about the style archetypes in my system.


individual consultations

I work with clients individually via Zoom. I offer short sessions to help you find your place in my system, and I offer further services for clients who want individualized support, feedback and suggestions. My services are described here.

transformative group course

Together with Nicky "the Styleteller", I organize a group course called "Taking the Leap." This is an intense three month course to transform your relationship to personal style. Learn more and join on our course website. Enrollment closes September 24th.

Hi, I'm Rita!

I'm here to help you make the most of your personal style

I have been creating style content since 2019 and working with clients since 2021. I teach about style through the perspective of my system, The Style Key.


My approach is to blend the technical side of style (understanding what looks good and why) and the emotional side (understanding what makes us feel good and why).

Style is a tool for us to use. It should be something that makes our lives better.

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Client Reviews

My Style Talk with Rita was amazing. I’ve deeply immersed myself in style/fashion for many years, but our time together opened up totally new avenues for me to explore. Her reflections made me see myself in a completely new light. And yet, she also saw a piece of me that I didn’t know others could see-one that I’d not fully dared to believe was truly mine. For that, I’m so thankful.


Rita is so heart-centered, genuine, creative, compassionate, and body-positive. 

You can tell when a person is letting their inner spark/soul/Divine/whatever you call it flow through them in their life and work. Rita is one of those people. She is the real deal.

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