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I am so passionate about working with you individually to help improve your style. I offer lots of different options for working with me so you can find what feels best for you.

My calendar tends to book up very quickly. The only way to avoid this is to raise prices, and I don't want to do that. If no times are available on the calendar, it means I'm full at the moment. If you join my mailing list below, you'll get updates when I open new times!

For New clients

Gentle Guidance

30 minutes, 120 usd

The perfect session for new clients. These sessions are so helpful, clarifying, and inspiring - and the length helps it feel like a breezy chat.


I tell you which Style Key and archetype(s) would work best for you and how you can start using them. You receive the Foundations workbook for your Style Key and a recording of the call. Learn more.

Style Talk

60 Min, 400 USD

The session if you want more time together and you want it right now. 

One hour gives us a lot more time to dive into your current style needs and to discuss solutions.

The service also costs more because you're guaranteed to find a time that works for you.

After reading quite extensively about the system, I was really excited by the possibilities, and by the idea of getting a better idea of what to do with my style! Rita is attentive, compassionate and insightful. She asks the right questions and takes her time. Her placement for me was a bit of a surprise but makes a lot of sense! I am very excited for this new chapter and will definitely work on the excercises of the fondation course. I cannot recommend her enough!

Myriam, July 2023

for returning

Next Steps

30 minutes (100 usd)

Perfect for returning clients. Maybe you feel like you're on the right track but just need some more support. Maybe you feel confused and need some clarity.

In this session we will review a few of your recent outfits, talk deeper about your essence, and give you concrete strategies for moving forward.

Style Work 

60 minutes (160 usd)

A longer session for returning clients. The Style Work session is perfect if you want to review more of your recent outfits - we will look at photos and analyze what's working and what can be improved.


It is also a great session for new styling ideas. We will do some window shopping and find items and outfit ideas to fill the gaps in your wardrobe.

ethereal sky

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