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Learning Resources

I've created many learning resources to help you be more stylish and to find an authentic personal style.

Style Key 101

Do you want a simple and powerful framework for finding your most authentic personal style? Get started with the Style Key! I've written a free introduction to make it super easy for you to understand the basic principles of the system, to choose your Style key, and to start working with it!


Foundations Course

If you are interested in the Style Key and want to start working with it and getting results. This course includes an audio introduction to each key, and three activities you can do with the clothes you already have.


Style Key Mastery

You've gone through the Foundations course and you want to learn more about what your Style Key has to offer. This bundle includes a visual guide with hundreds of style suggestions, an archetype guide, and an audio course.


personal help

If you want individual help finding and using your Style Key, check out my services! I offer individual style consultations for new and returning clients.

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