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Learning Resources

I've created many learning resources to help you be more stylish and to find an authentic personal style.

Style Key 101

Get started with the Style Key! This is a free, five-day e-mail course. You'll receive a daily lesson about the tools of the Style Key and links to resources so you can go deeper.


Keyword Guide

If you're curious about what "Left" and "Right" Essence looks like, if you want to understand the difference between "Up" and "Down" essence - start here! Each of the keywords is defined and illustrated with many examples. We also show you how to combine the keywords by breaking down 12 outfits.


Foundations Course

If you want to start working with the "Style Logic" of your Style Key. This course includes an audio introduction to each key, and three activities you can do with the clothes you already have.


Visual Guides

If you want more help dressing for your Style Key. These visual guides have hundreds of examples and thorough explanations for what works for you and why.


personal help

If you want individual help finding and using your Style Key, check out my services! I offer individual style consultations for new and returning clients.

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