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Hello, and welcome to my style movement!

I've always been obsessed with style. I spent so much time and energy thinking about my style. I even created my first style typology with a friend in high school.


Despite this overwhelming interest in style, I used to think of it as something trivial and "just for fun." I never took it seriously.


That has changed a lot. The most I work with style, the more I appreciate  how important and powerful it can be. Style brings so much satisfaction and joy. It boosts our confidence and makes us feel strong. Most importantly, it encourages us to embrace our authentic selves and to grow in our own unique way.


My mission is to help you discover what style can do for you.  


All About Me

I started Style Thoughts by Rita as a YouTube channel in 2019. I was in a sad and difficult place in my life and I just wanted to do a fun project. I wanted to improve my wardrobe, but also to connect with other style-interested people. Nobody around me cared about style.


This "just for fun" project blossomed into something gorgeous and powerful. My beautiful husband Meradj and I created our own style system ("The Style Key"). 


I've been developing that system for more than two years and have had more than 700 individual client sessions to date. I've taught courses and workshops, I've created videos and Instagram posts, and have connected with so many wonderful people along the way.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden - I moved here in 2012 to do my Ph.D. at Stockholm University. In addition to working with STxBR, I also work as a researcher at the Swedish Institute for Social Research. In my spare time (lol) I enjoy just literally being and hanging out with my husband, and also "activities" like reading, going to the movies, doing normal life stuff with friends, being in nature, eating delicious treats, playing board games and going to luxurious spas. 

The Style Key 

My Style System

The Style Key is a system to help you find your best personal style.

The premise of the system is that every person has an essence. This essence is the overall impression and experience of you as a person. 


Your best personal style aligns your appearance with your essence. The best style isn't just what looks good. It's  what makes sense for who you are as a person.

I love the Style Key. It makes style so much easier and more enjoyable.


To learn more about the Style Key, please visit my resource page.

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