About me


My name is Rita and I am a style thinker, content creator, and personal style guide.

I've created my own Essence-based style system for men and women.

I love experimenting with my style, learning new perspectives, and helping others on their style journey.

Some Facts About Me

For Curious Souls

Where I live

I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I grew up in Los Angeles, and studied in Berkeley.

I've also spent a few months in New York, Geneva, and Oxford.

My Aesthetic

In my style essence system, I am in the "right + up." My color season is "Summer". My Kibbe ID is "Flamboyant Natural." 

I love anything that floats around my body, shoes that shine, and jewelry that glitters.


Meradj is not only the co-creator of my essence style system, but he is also my soulmate and the sweetest person in the world.

I love him so very much.