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getting started with your style key

The Style Key is my system to help you create your unique personal style. Within the system, I teach you new ways of thinking about your style. I call this the "style logic." How do you know what areas of your closet need more focus? How do you figure out what's wrong with an outfit? How do you actually make an outfit better? These are the basic questions we need to answer when we're working with style.

So that's what I'm going to help you with. My foundations courses guide you through three fun activities you can do with the clothes you already own today. I walk you through a "wardrobe audit", I show you how to do an "outfit check" and we do an "outfit update" activity.

The exercises are designed slightly differently for each style key, with your unique needs in mind. The Foundations course includes a beautiful PDF workbook, an audio introduction to each key, and an audio overview for each style activity.

When you buy the foundations course, you receive all the material: one course for each of the four style keys.This makes it easy for you to experiment with the logics of the different keys, to understand where you fit into the system and how it can help you improve your style.

The course material is available for immediate digital download and is just $25.

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