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the style key is an invitation

We've been told that there's such one way of  "dressing like a young professional" or "dressing like a mom" or "dressing like a retired woman" - and that if we don't follow these templates, we will look weird, tacky, or unattractive.

The truth is that these templates and rules only take you so far.


You can do everything "right" and feel unfulfilled with your style. You can have the most "appropriate" outfit in the most "flattering" shapes and most "harmonious" colors. But if there's no you, if your heart isn't in the clothes, it won't feel right. You'll be stuck in the cycle of shopping and purging. Always nitpicking small details of your outfits or the shape of your body. Because you know something's off.

The Moonstone Style Key is your invitation to make your style more personal. Yes, you want to look reasonable and to feel like you fit in to your contexts and situations. But you want more than that. You want your style to be actually you.


I've worked with hundreds of clients over the past years and I have developed a set of tools that will help you make style what you want. My goal with this course was to gather all of my best tools in one place and to present them in the most useful way. I've focused on being concise and clear, while addressing the problems and questions I've encountered the most.

We are going to cover the following:

  • Your essence. Understanding the concept of essence and the unique gift of your Right+Down essence.

  • Your logic. Understanding the process of creating Moonstone outfits and learning how to put your self in the center.

  • Your archetypes. Understanding the role of the archetypes as guides on the journey and how to start working with them.

  • Your visuals. Practicing the art of going from idea and vibe to concrete clothing and actual choices.

  • Your technique. How to harness the power of "storytelling" so that your outfits make sense to you and don't just feel like a random collection of pieces.

  • Your medicine. What "exploration" really means in terms of style, and why it can transform your life.

The course contains six audio lessons for a total runtime of 75 minutes. Transcripts are included if you prefer to read.

A 25% VAT is added for EU customers.

the best tools for the moonstone style key

listen to the first track - about your essence

1. About your Essence
Moonstone - Archetypes.png

moonstone (R+D)

audio course


More resources

To view all the Style Key learning resources, visit my Resources page!

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