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Style Key


make your style work for you

Great personal style is not just about looking good. It's so much deeper, more meaningful and powerful.


Great personal style is about finding your voice, about feeling good in your body, about showing up with confidence and giving yourself so much love. Style can do all of those things for us, if we work with it in the right way.

I've developed the Style Key to help you get all of these rewards from your personal style. We do this by working with your essence (your personal energy), your aesthetic (how you look), and your style logic (how you make styling decisions).


After working with hundreds of clients over the last 3 years, I have developed the best tools to help you work with these three pillars. These are the tools included in the Style Key Mastery.


Choose the Style Key you want to work with and you will receive:


  • Guidance on how to approach style. The Audio Course for each Style Key is a seventy-five minute masterclass which teaches you everything you need to know for a successful and enjoyable style experience. The six lessons included talk about the gifts of your unique essence, the helpful tools such as style archetypes and style logic, helpful styling techniques, and the energetic medicine of style.

  • Guidance on style archetypes. Who do you want to be? How do you want to show up in the world? What should you prioritize in your style journey? The Style Key Archetypes help you get a grasp on your desired style identity and to focus on what matters most for your style progress. You receive an illustrated 42-page guide to the archetypes for your Style Key, including their strengths, their typical challenges, helpful reflection questions and the two most important factors for you to consider.

  • Guidance on what to wear. The Visual Guide for each Style Key is a gorgeous magazine-style lookbook which includes hundreds of suggestions for how you can express your essence visually. The guide is split up into thematic chapters on color, pattern, textures, silhouettes, layering, and accessories. The guide includes detailed explanations on why these suggestions are good for you to explore and how to make them work. The guide also provides information on typical mistakes to avoid and guidance on putting it all together in a satisfying way.

Price is 65 USD and a 25% VAT is added for EU customers.

what's included


want my help?

Work with me - I'll help you see the unique gifts of your essence, figure out your Style Key and archetype, and give you practical guidance on moving forward with your style journey.

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