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Gentle Guidance

This is my most popular service for new clients. It's a 30 minute personal consultation about your unique essence and how you can develop a style that works for you.

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What to Expect

Most of my clients have not had a personal styling session before, so don't worry! Here is a step-by-step explanation of how the process works

Booking a time

You can choose a time in the calendar at the top of my page. The times are shown to you in your timezone and you pay to reserve your time. If no times are available, it means I am fully booked. You can sign up for my mailing list to find out when I release new times. You can also book a style talk instead - we get an entire hour together and you have many more times to choose from.

Providing Information

As soon as you make a booking, you receive an e-mail from my system. I ask you to fill in a short form telling me a bit about yourself, showing me some outfit photos and optionally sharing a moodboard or inspiration images. You can fill in this form any time prior to your consultation. I ask for a couple of "neutral" photos - your face in natural light, a photo with simple, fitted clothing. I also like to see some outfit photos - these could be recent outfits, favorite outfits, whatever. I use these photos to prepare for our session.

Our Meeting

We meet on Zoom. You get the link when you first book, and you receive a 24-hour reminder with the link. Zoom is a free app for you to install and easy to set up. During the call, I am going to ask you some questions to get to know you a bit. I will then tell you what I see for you. I will tell you the quadrant I see for you, the archetype(s) I find helpful. In some cases I will give you essence keywords. I will give you the "gentle guidance" - suggestions on how to proceed, things to try and how to approach your style.

What Next?

After the call, I send you a recording of the call and access to my Foundations course as well as my Keywords guide and my Archetype guide. This course helps you work with the "Style Logic" of your Style Key. You may wish to start working with the exercises, or you might just want to take time to absorb and reflect on the content of our call.

Many of my clients tell me that our session created a significant inner transformation for them. It's like you are finally giving yourself permission to see yourself in an expanded way. This new vision can translate into different clothing choices immediately. It is equally valid if you wear "basically the same" things but see yourself differently and feel differently about your style.

The Gentle Guidance is not meant to be the final stop on your style journey. It is a catalyst, a moment of shared insight and reflection. From this moment of insight, your style will develop in the way that's best for you. You are always welcome to work with me further -- see this page for my services. It can also be great to find a supportive style community and I know that many clients have really enjoyed the reddit forum.

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How it works

Answering some typical questions

"Why do you need to do a Zoom call?"

I am working with people's essence. Your essence is not just how you look, but it's the way you are. I don't think we can know enough people by looking at their photos.

Additionally, my work s not only in sensing your essence but in giving you guidance. I can give you guidance by understanding your communication style. My services are completely personalized. I explain things in a way that's uniquely suited to you.


I have had some clients who record a video answering questions for me, and I send them a recording back. This is an option if you don't feel comfortable having a conversation.

"How do you determine my essence?"

My gift is in seeing people. This has been a gift my entire life and has always been a part of  everything I do.

I've had more than 700 style sessions since 2021. These sessions have helped me hone my skills with style perception.

It is difficult to put this aspect of my work into words. I meet you, I see you, I hear you, I receive your essence. I put words on these sensations and mirror it back to you. I am good at putting words on things that feel wordless, that is also a gift.

I have a strong intuition about the direction for your style growth. For what "makes sense" for your visually. What would feel good and enjoyable for you as a person.

Most of the time, what I see is aligned deeply with something you sense too. That's why the sessions are so powerful. I'm not telling you who to become. You and I are working together to give you permission to unfold in the direction that feels like you.

During the session, I also ask you questions about your style logic or your style preferences. I use this information to help me see you more clearly. But mostly, I use this to help you understand yourself. To me, the style logic, the essence, and the aesthetics are all intertwined.

"What do I do with this information?"

During our session, I will give you suggestions for what to do next. These are typically very practical suggestions. For example: "put away all the things that don't work for you right now." "Make a new winter outfit that represents glamour." "Try experimenting with lighter and brighter colors." I also send you my Foundations course and will often recommend one of the exercises specifically for you.

These tangible steps help you get started in integrating the information you learned from our Gentle Guidance. They are not blanket prescriptions, they are tied to your current challenges and your unique style journey.

But the gift of the Gentle Guidance is not just the "tasks". It's the insights and the perspectives. I also explain the values you should be focusing on. For example, if you are using the Illuminatrix archetype, I will explain about using style to bring joy to your life. This is a simple principle that can completely change your style. You don't need to go out of your way to *become the Illuminatrix*. You can implement this principle daily and watch how your style transforms.

When you feel that you've integrated the information from our session, I would love to meet you again. There is so much fun and so much growth in working together over time. Maybe you want to go deeper into your archetype. Maybe you want feedback on your outfits. Maybe you want to change your aesthetic. Maybe the style logic doesn't make sense. Maybe you just want to talk about fashion. You are always welcome back.

"What if I don't like what you say?"

I have great confidence in my work. I have a lot of experience and am always learning and improving. Ultimately, however, my job is to deliver my vision. What I see for you and the advice I have for you.

If you found the session unhelpful - if you felt unheard or misunderstood or dissatisfied, I am here for you. I am happy to offer you help or a no questions asked refund because I want to make sure that you feel good about working together.

It is also possible that you find the session helpful but just don't agree. You reflect and decide to use a different Style Key or a different archetype. That is your choice and I fully respect that you are always the person who decides what style is right for you.

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You can find my bookings at my calendar. Any open times are shown there as soon as they are available. If you want a time for a birthday or some special moment, please just e-mail me and we will try to make it work.

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