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My name is Rita and I believe that your best personal style is not just about looking good, but about feeling good and celebrating your unique gifts. That's why I've created the Style Key: a holistic system for personal style.

if you're new here:
Style Key 101 

If you're looking for a simple framework to help you find your personal style, this is the place to start! Grab this beautiful, FREE guide with a concise introduction to my system.

if you're ready to do some work:
Foundations Course

If you're here:

  • Going shopping without any plan and buying lots of random stuff you don't really love

  • Overwhelmed when getting dressed in the morning

  • Feel like your style is "just okay" or "not that great"

And want to go here:

  • Shopping with intention - know what you're looking for and what makes you feel good

  • Getting dressed with ease - figure out a smooth process to choose your outfits

  • Confidence in your style - feel beautiful and look great everyday

This is the course for you! 25 USD and available for immediate digital download.

if you want to build your best style:
Style Key Mastery

If you're here:

  • You've learned about the Style Key and you love the idea of a style that builds on your personal essence

  • You've tried out the Style Logic and you know which Style Key you want to use

  • You're excited to put in the work to get a major uplevel in your style game

This is the bundle for you! Style Key Mastery includes a gorgeous lookbook with hundreds of visual suggestions and detailed style guidance; an audio course that goes deep into the gifts of your essence and my very best styling tips; an archetype guide to help you become your most beautiful and powerful self. 65 USD and available for immediate digital download.

personal style guidance:
My Services

I offer 30 minute personal style sessions for new and returning clients. Together we reach clarity about your personal essence, your style goals, and your energetic gifts. I offer an intuitive reading of your essence as well as practical action steps. 120 USD.

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